Dr. Elchin Aliyev

Director of SİNAM invest

Keynote Speech:

An Intelligent Management System for Business Facilities Based on the Joint Use of Iot and Unmanned Technologies


The development of systems for intelligent control necessitates the creation of a comprehensive hardware and software complex capable of accurately emulating the methods of human decision-making. Unlike traditional computer modeling approaches, which often simulate abstract models, the emulation framework proposed in this article integrates processes for adaptation, learning, and planning within uncertain conditions, as well as handling vast volumes of data. This article presents a software and hardware complex based on both IoT and unmanned technologies. The convergence of these technologies on a unified IoT information platform significantly broadens the scope of adaptive (intelligent) management challenges faced by businesses amid uncertain conditions. Specifically, remote monitoring data (including multispectral imagery) captured by multicopters, combined with real-time sensor data from IoT devices, are used in the system to form the foundation for extracting contextual knowledge and facilitating prompt operational decisions